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How far is Kananaskis from Calgary?

A journey with Red Mile Limousine Service to explore the beauty of Kananaskis

Moving to Kananaskis from all over the world is the dream of everyone in Calgary because Kananaskis, with its natural beauty and serene surroundings, offers a warm welcome to the people in Calgary.

However, before moving to Kananaskis from Calgary people plan and ask about how far is Kananaskis from Calgary. How long would it take there?

To make you tension free and ready for a trip to Kananaskis, let me tell you a story of our friends and college mates when we plan a journey to move there. Since we were many in number, therefore, it was decided to go to Kananaskis by booking a bus and a limousine. Thus we were having two choices: one group will travel by bus and a group that traveled by limousine.

Moving to Kananaskis from Calgary by Limousine

To make the trip extra special and luxurious our friends hired a luxurious limousine from Red Mile Limousine Services In Calgary, With a knowledgeable driver in charge, they set off on their adventure. The limousine smoothly drove through the busy streets of Calgary. It took them about 1 hour to reach Kananaskis, covering a distance of approximately 80 kilometers. Along the way, they enjoyed the beautiful views, seeing the landscape on the way to Kananaskis.

Moving from Calgary to Kananaskis by bus

The second option to move to Kananaskis from Calgary is to move there by bus. On this journey, our friends decided to hire a bus from Red Mile Limousine Services in Calgary to have more fun and enjoyment. We wanted to make the trip more memorable. The bus ride gave them a chance to see and hear the sights and sounds of the region while bonding with their fellow travelers.

The bus left Calgary at a relaxed pace. The friends were happy and cheerful to move for the trip. The distance between Calgary and Kananaskis, going through the bus route, takes about one hour and forty-five minutes or two hours to reach Kananaskis.

On the way, there is an opportunity to take a breath in the fresh air and enjoy the natural beauty such as green hills, lush and large forests, and beautiful mountains passing by.

In short, whether you choose a limousine or a bus journey, the distance between Calgary and Kananaskis is relatively short. The limousine journey takes about 1 hour for about eighty kilometers. Going by bus takes about one hour and forty-five minutes or two hours for about 85 kilometers.

So, dear readers, whether you prefer a fancy limousine or an adventurous bus ride, for the journey from Calgary to Kananaskis. Don’t forget the name Red Mile Limousine Services because it offers reasonable cost and luxurious and comfortable travel.

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Moreover, the drivers have full knowledge about roads and visiting places and are skilled. Such professional drivers make your journey reliable and enjoyable.

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